Mas Salud Cover

  • Primary care

– Geneneral Medicine (GP)
– Paediatrics
– Emergency medical aid
– Clinical Analyses
– Ambulance service
– Preventive medical check ups
– Child care, GP, paediatrician, medical secretary, medical-technical assistant…
– Clinical and biological check-ups
– Radiography, Tomography and Urography

  • Medical care provided by medical specialists and surgeons

– Additional methods of diagnoses
– All medical specializations
– Radiology, CT scanner, electrocardiogram
– Ultrasound, allergy tests
– Functional tests
– Cobalt therapy, chemotherapy, rehabilitation

  • Hospitalisation with or without surgery.

– Hospitalisation
– Surgical intervention
– Intensive Care Unit
– Childbirth
– Clinical Psychology
– Single room with bathroom as well as all the expenses arising from  hospitalisation: Accommodation, meals, medication
– Bed for companion (except for Psychiatric hospitalization).
– For all specialities: medical fees, costs arising from surgery

  • Dental 21
    More than 21 services included in your policy: consultations, cleaning, diagnostic tests, fluoridation etc.
    Discounts of up to 25% Dental pricing is set within the Sanitas network, so that you know the fees you are paying in advance.
  • Exclusions

Bariatric Surgery, X Ray neurosurgical, Parkinson and Epilepsy surgery, UHC.


  • Minimally invasive cardiac testing and laser surgery.
    Psychology services.
    Antenatal care plus a programme for new fathers.
    Access to specialist units providing diagnostics for genetic conditions
  • Sanitas Responde: There is a free, personalized health advice and support hotline if you have a medical condition that requires regular followups or ongoing care.
  • Sanitas Welcome: 24 HOUR CLIENT HELP LINE where you can resolve any administration queries.
  • SANITAS 24 hours: With just one call you can arrange a consultation with a Medical Professional, to discuss any doubts or questions you may have regarding you or your family´s health.
  • Emergency overseas travel assistance: In collaboration with Europ Assistance, up to a maximum of €12,000 per person, per claim.
  • Second medical opinion: The most prestigious international professionals are within reach when you are suffering from a serious illness such as cancer.

Optional extras:

With Sanitas Mas Salud there is the option to choose additional services for a small extra premium to give a more comprehensive level of cover which is personalized to you and your family as follows:

  • Worldwide Reimbursement option: Gives you 80% reimbursement for your medical bills up to a limit of €150,000 worldwide.
  • Work related and traffic accidents: Cover in emergency situations.
  • Sanitas Subsidy: Sanitas will pay an indemnity for each day that the insured is hospitalised.
  • Reimbursement G.O.P option: Allows you to choose the Gynaecologist, Obstetrician or Paediatrician of your choice, when they are not within the Sanitas network and receive reimbursement of their charges. Or for a little more, you may choose any doctor outside the Sanitas network for whatever treatment you require.
  • Pharmacy cover: Providing 50% reimbursement of the total cost of drugs and medicines prescribed for your treatment by Sanitas and for assistance with said treatment. (Limit €200 per person, per year).
  • Sanitas Sport: Access to the top specialists in Sports Medicine, including treatment and prevention of lesions, rehabilitation and medical checkups for all professional sports.
  • Cover in the USA: Receive complete medical assistance while in the USA. (with pre-authorization and recommendation from Sanitas whilst in Spain with a limit of €30,000.
  • Telephone advice programmes: Assistance programmes including psychology, nutrition, quitting smoking and prevention of age-related dementia.

What are the Conditions?