Sanitas Mundi 1 Million

Sanitas Mundi 1.000.000 offers you the most extensive and complete medical assistance exclusive to Sanitas

Offers 100% cover within our medical associated clinics In Spain, 90% reimbursement of all medical bills issued outside Sanitas network in Spain in case of hospitalization and 80% in any outpatient bills Worldwide with a limit of 500.000€ per person / per year or  €1.000.000 per person/ per year.

US coverage is 100% of the medical expenses up to the limits stipulated per insured:  this is provided by the agreements we have with Olympus.

Medical Network:  With this choice you only have to show your Sanitas Medical card, no payment is required, direct billing;
You have more than 40.000 professionals associated to Sanitas Network and more than 700 centres in whole Spain and 1200 medical centres, 3 own hospitals, 19 Milenium multi specialty centre and over 170 Milenium Dental clinics, is the insurer with one of the most extensive cover. Apart from having our own hospitals: Hospital Sanitas La Zarzuela, Hospital sanitas La Moraleja, Hospital Sanitas CIMA.

Outside Directory ( reimbursement cover): you have free choice of doctors worldwide.

There is no time limit on the duration spent in either country insured.

  • Bi-lingual health assistance.
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses.
  • Bi-lingual service.
  • A Client helpline in English and Spanish, documents available in English and Spanish.
  • Sanitas 24 H – phone line for emergencies and medical assistance.
  • Sanitas Welcome: Telephone assistance 24 h for all the enquiries on 902400232.
  • Online service for reimbursements, authorizations, etc
  • Emergency service outside Spain up to 10.000€ provided by Europ Assistance. This service has to be previously assessed by Sanitas by calling: 0034 913456584, they will redirect you where to go near where you are. If you are not able to contact and in case of a major situation we will need to know within 72h.

No extra charges- NO EXCESS plan

  • No extra costs will be added to your premium.

Flexible contract

  • You choose either to go to a Sanitas network of doctors or one of your choice.

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