Sanitas Mas Salud – Optima – Plus

Sanitas Mas Salud is a new product launched 2013! It has rapidly become our most popular product, and is highly acclaimed. With different charging scales with or without co-payments (excess) there’s sure to be a plan that suits you.

All provide complete, high quality cover while giving you access to all the facilities and specialists within the Sanitas network. It also comes packed with our new Dental 21 cover giving you access to all of our Millenium Dental Centres plus all the regular centres within the Sanitas Network.  You may choose additional services as part of your cover and you also have the choice to opt for either co-payments or no co-payments.

Sanitas Mas Salud has low premium levels compared to the overall level of cover provided and compared to other Sanitas policies. This is because certain high cost treatments have been excluded from the policy to make it more economical, while still providing very extensive cover.

Here at Sanitas we always like to help you save on your premium without compromising your level of cover.

Get yourself a quote and take advantage now with our new low premiums!