• Healthcare Benefits:

    • Unlimited Consultations: Enjoy unlimited consultations in primary care and across all specialties. Our team of more than 3,600 doctors, including general practitioners, is ready to provide you with expert medical advice. We also include Chiropody 12 sessions, /year Psychology  15 sessions / Year , logopedic ad finitary 80 sessions a year
    • Simple Diagnostic Tests: As part of our comprehensive coverage, we offer simple diagnostic tests to ensure thorough evaluations. These tests include blood and urine tests, allowing us to assess your overall health and detect any potential concerns. Additionally, we provide access to simple radiology procedures, which assist in diagnosing and monitoring various conditions.
    • Ultrasound Scans: Our healthcare plan includes ultrasound scans, an advanced imaging technique that uses sound waves to create detailed images of internal organs and tissues. Ultrasound scans enable our medical professionals to visualize and analyze specific areas of concern, aiding in the accurate diagnosis and monitoring of various health conditions.
    • Simple Therapeutic Methods: We understand the importance of providing holistic care. Our healthcare plan covers various simple therapeutic methods to support your well-being. These methods may include physiotherapy, which involves exercises and techniques to improve mobility and relieve pain. We also offer aerosol therapy, a non-invasive treatment that delivers medication directly to the lungs to alleviate respiratory conditions. In addition, wound treatment services are available to ensure proper care and healing of wounds.
    • Basic Dental Cover: Maintain optimal oral health with our basic dental cover. This coverage includes essential dental services such as consultations, scale and polish procedures to keep your teeth clean and healthy, wound treatment for dental emergencies, and extractions when necessary.
    • Emergency assistance:

    Digital Benefits:

    • Video Consultation in All Specialties: Connect with our extensive network of doctors, covering more than 4,200 medical centers and 21 Sanitas medical centers, through video consultations. This innovative approach allows you to consult with specialists from the comfort of your own home, saving you time and ensuring prompt medical attention.
    • 24-Hour Emergency Support: Experience peace of mind with our 24-hour emergency video consultation services. Whether you require immediate medical assistance for general or pediatric emergencies, our dedicated team is available to provide expert guidance and support, without the need for prior appointments.
    • Online Procedures via Mi Sanitas App: Simplify your healthcare experience with our user-friendly Mi Sanitas app. From making appointments to accessing test results, managing prescriptions, and obtaining medical authorizations, the app streamlines your interactions with our healthcare system, ensuring efficient and hassle-free processes.

       Any assistance within hospitalisation.

      Surgical interventions of any type, ambulatory or overnight.

      Complex therapeutic methods.

      Emergency assistance outside Spain.