Sanitas app installation

Installing the SANITAS app in English

Instructions for installing the Sanitas app and setting it to English can be found by CLICKING HERE Note: While this video is for the Android app with the exception of installing from the Apple store the rest of the instruction are applicable for the iPhone as the Android and Apple app are very similar. 

You will need:

  • A mobile phone with internet: Any smartphone.
    Policy number: e.g. 81111111 / 0
    Passport / NIE number: e.g. X000101Y 
    When using a passport to register you will need the name of your country of origin in Spanish. translate your country link here 
    A Spanish mobile number: any Spanish mobile number, to receive a security code by SMS Note: an email address can be used if no Spanish mobile is available.

Obtaining policy condition documents

When the app is installed you can obtain your policy conditions by following the instructions by clicking here