Huelva Hospital suffers from Government cuts

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September 10, 2012
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October 20, 2012


 Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospital HUELVA

The Union of Nursing, SATs, denounces the lack of nurses / as in the emergency department of the  Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospital. Emergencies are saturated due to the closure of beds in the hospital due to government cuts which are now reaching dangerous levels.

The Union of Nursing SATSE has publically complained due to the overcrowding and saturation suffered at the hospital emergency department of Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospital, in particular, the observation area / chairs. This is the area that serves patients who require minimal care in the emergency room waiting to be entered or to be discharged. Typically busy to 60%, which means that they can be normally attended by one or two nurses. With no beds in the hospital, is still common to deal this service as a whole, reaching the top of 30 to 31 patients under observation. At this point, it is absolutely impossible to deal with so many patients’ with only two nurses and at best usually only one. This now is a regular occurrence, with increasing frequency, the stagnation of patients who are admitted to hospital, becoming occasionally up to 8 people left waiting. These patients, who get to spend some 24 hours before even being admitted, are served only by a nurse and an assistant during most of the day.

Most patients are in the observation area and many unstable patients are simply left in armchairs needing nursing care to ensure a minimum quality and safety; as there are not enough nurses for example, in this area, there is just one nurse per 8 to 10 patients, depending on the need of care and patient seriousness. The solution would to be to open more floors, now closed since the cuts and one reason that patients now remain longer than necessary in that unit, always waiting and hoping for a free bed to become available..

From the Union of Nursing, SATs, there has been a re-request to the hospital management sufficient recruitment of nurses to ensure a complete coverage of services, especially emergency service, almost always saturated and where you work with a high level of stress as well as the reopening of many of the beds closed during the summer. We recall that, to date, the hospital has closed 16 beds JRJ cardiology department, 16 beds and 32 beds in the Gynecology Service of General Surgery.