Application form

Sanitas expat health insurance application form:


Fill in you details on line and we will email you the PDF partially completed and ready for printing, health declaration and your signature. click here…


Alternatively you can download the complete PDF application for printing click here…

Both our “expat health insurance” application form options can be filled out on a computer or Tab; option 1 is presented as an on-line no nonsense format which is very easy to use. This information is then transferred to a PDF application form which is emailed back to you for checking, printing and a signature.  Option 2 allows you to download the PDF which can be filled in on a computer or tablet provided you have the Adobe Reader installed (Note: IPAD’s MAC’s etc if you can view the PDF on screen, but cannot edit the content you need to download the Adobe reader for your device)

Things you will need before proceeding with the insurance application:

  • ID:  Usually a passport Nº or NIE for each member requiring insurance cover.
  • Dates of birth for all those requiring cover.
  • An address in Spain were correspondence can be delivered (This doesn’t have to be your place of residence)
  • Contact Email:  Minimum of one email for a at least the main policy holder.
  • Bank Account in Spain: 20 Digit Bank Acc Nº – Exclusions to this are only possible when paying a minimum of 6 or 12 months ahead.