Global Hand Washing Day – 15th October 2012

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October 20, 2012
Prostate Cancer Death Risk Raised By Metabolic Factors
October 22, 2012

Global Hand washing Day – October 15, 2012

Our Vision: Proper hand washing with soap at critical times will be universally recognized, promoted, and practiced as fundamental to good health.

Hand washing with soap thus represents a cornerstone of public health. It can be considered an affordable, accessible “do-it-yourself” vaccine.

Helping to prevent the spread of disease: Hand washing with soap w

orks by interrupting the transmission of pathogens that cause disease. Hands often carry disease-causing pathogens from person to person through direct contact or indirectly via surfaces and foods. Together, soap and water form a formidable ally in efforts to combat a host of other illnesses, such as helminthes (worms), eye infections, and skin infections like impetigo.

The simple act of washing hands with soap can significantly cut the risk of diarrhea and that of respiratory tract infection, inc influenza.