Sanitas Health Plan Classic

This is an older plan designed specifically for expatriates who are living in Spain, for the expat choosing to move to Spain or looking to switch health provider a more suitable plan is now Mas Salud S/C. The HPC plan has medical assistance and access to all specialities and hospitalization through a personalised swipe card through our medical network, this is formed of more than 40.000 professionals, 1200  medical centers, 3 specialist private hospitals, 19 Milenium multi-specialty centers and over 170 Milenium Dental Clinics.

Health Plan Classic is a type of insurance coverage that is provided exclusively by medical staff on direct billing, no need to pay just show your medical swipe card, unlike reimbursement, where the member pays the medical fees and then asks the insurer for the reimbursement. Reimbursement can be added, if you wish to utilise it outside medical directory in Spain and worldwide with limits from 50.000€ to 300.000€.

This policy has lower premiums due to an additional excess charge that is applied to any service you use.

Sanitas Health plan classic also allows transfers from BUPA and BUPA International members to Sanitas. This is possible providing that you have been with BUPA for more that 12 months.

This policies medical network is specific to English, German and Spanish speaking professionals.

Documentation is available in English and Spanish: the General Conditions and the Private Conditions of your policy

Second medical opinion: when suffering from a serious illness such as cancer, your diagnosis will be sent for a second opinion from top professionals in USA and personalised health advice and support hotline for people with a medical condition that requires regular follow-ups or on-going care.