Sanitas Premium 500

Sanitas Premium 500 is one of our best plans and it offers you the most extensive and complete medical assistance exclusive to Sanitas.

You’ll have full access to our network of Sanitas centres or any other that you chose outside of the network plus full pharmaceutical and dental cover.

Sanitas Premium 500 is a reimbursement policy with high levels of cover which means that it is the best of its kind within the medical world. There are great benefits when you become a private client of the Premium 500 plan; a complete professional medical network belonging to Sanitas that you can visit when you like.
You will also get reimbursed for 90% of all medical bills at hospitals,clinics and doctors not included in the Sanitas network with a limit of €500.000€ per person in Spain and Worldwide.

In U.S.A we are associated with Olympus and the cover is divided as follows:

500.000€ total limit of Reimbursement

  • Hospital care to 448.000€
  • With the sub-limit for birth up to € 3.610€
  • Outpatient care up to 52.000 €