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  • A large range of medical assistance in centres using state of the art technology, such as the Hospital Zarzuela, Sanitas Hospital La Moraleja and the Millennium Centres, where you will receive special, personalised treatment.
  • A second medical opinion from renowned, international specialists, when you have a serious illness.
  • You will be able to manage your own policy via the web: cancellation and inclusion of  employees, modifying dates and viewing bills, etc.
  • Special prices for treatments such as Mioptic Correction, aesthetic treatments, Assisted Reproduction and spas, with Sanitas S.L. diversified.
  • Preventative Medicine programs, which will permit the prevention or management of possible health problems, thus reducing absenteeism from work.  These include services for the prevention of breast cancer. detection of colon cancer, and family planning programs.
  • Discounts in old peoples´ homes in the Sanitas residences.
  • Health check-ups: a very efficient way of evaluating the general state of health, which can be personalised so that it adapts to the personal characteristics of each group employed: check-ups for sports people, global check-ups and metabolic check-ups etc.
  • A programme for people who wish to stop smoking.
  • Anti-stress treatment: analysis of the level of stress and post treatment, helping the person to satisfactorily confront the tense situations at work and to better his/her personal life.
  • Healthy Life Programme: an information course focusing on better nutritional habits, thus helping to prevent problems such as obesity, cholesterol or uric acid.
  • Programmes for the traveller: focusing on those people who constantly travel to tropical countries, this module will inform them which vaccinations are necessary and those that are recommended.
  • Interesting benefits for your company and your employees: contracting health insurance carries many benefits for your company, as well as your employees.
  • Easy management of your health policy: we will supply you with our “exclusive service for corporate clients “an “extranet corporativa” and the support of our marketing department to help you explain the details of the cover.
  • General Medicine (GP).
  • Paediatrics – care of children until the y are 15 after they can use a GP.
  • Nurse care service: Includes healthcare at the healthcare centre and at home.
  • Emergencies: These include healthcare provided in permanent emergency centres.
  • Clinical Analyses.
  • Transfer of sick person by ambulance- performed by land.
  • Preventive medical check-ups.
  • Basic Diagnosis tests and procedures, ( Ex analysis and general radiology)
  • Specialist medical care, including outpatient surgery
  • Genetic studies: Comprises only those necessary for diagnosis and/or prescription of treatment of affected and symptomatic patients.
  • Additional methods of diagnoses. Radiology, CT scanner, electrocardiogram
  • Ultrasound, allergy tests.
  • Functional tests.
  • Cobalt therapy, chemotherapy, rehabilitation,
  • Obstetric-Gynaecological Nursing (Midwifery)- Care provided by a midwife will be available only for hospital-based child delivery
  • Speech and Language Therapy: It is included only when related with organic processes, to a maximum of 6 months a year per Insured.
  • Podiatry (Chiropody exclusively).
  • Surgical intervention.
  • Intensive Care Unit.
  • Clinical Psychology.
  • Single room with bathroom as well as all the expenses arising from hospitalisation.
  • Accommodation, meals, medication.
  • Bed for companion.
  • For all specialities: medical fees, costs arising from surgery.
  • More than 30 services included in your policy: consultations, cleaning, diagnostic tests, fluoridation etc.
  • Discounts of up to 21% Dental pricing is set within the Sanitas network, so that you know the fees you are paying in advance.
  • Access to the exclusive Millennium Dental Centres: These centres are equipped with the latest technology and all dental specialties and diagnostic tests are available under one roof.
  • Modern treatments using state of the art technology, at your service: All the benefits of a quality dental plan provided by the leading medical insurer in Spain.
  • Vital Emergencies: IMMEDIATE ( possible death within 24h)
  • Outpatient surgery: 3 months
  • High technology diagnostic tests: 6 months (ex MRI, PET).
  • Psychology: 6 months.
  • Childbirth: 8 months.
  • Hospitalisation, including inpatients, day patients 10 months.
  • Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, cobalt therapy, radioactive isotopes, linear accelerator, scanner, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine, bone densitometry, lithotripsy, digital arteriography, radio-neurosurgery and prostate hyperthermia services: 10 months.
  • Bariatric treatment: 60 months.

*If transferring from another insurance company in Spain and have been with that insurer for more than a year, by providing a copy of your particular conditions and last receipt of the premium with them, Sanitas will eliminate all waiting periods, 

  • Emergency overseas travel assistance: In collaboration with Europ Assistance, up to a maximum of €12,000 per person, per claim.
  • Covers expenses from doctors, surgeons, hospitals and/or clinics outside Spain as a result of medical attention received abroad, derived from an illness or accident occurring abroad.
  • Doctors’ fees.
  • Drugs prescribed by a doctor or surgeon.
  • Emergency dentistry fees, excluding endodontics, aesthetic reconstructions from earlier treatments, oral cleaning, prosthesis, crowns and implants, these are covered by the previous amount up to a maximum of €241 per Insured.
  • Hospitalisation costs.
  • Costs for ambulance services requested by a doctor for a local journey.

Available online in and also in the Sanitas APP.


Contracts are annual and if you wish to cancel you will need to send a letter requesting cancellation one month prior to renewal of your policy.



Video consultations for more than 12 specialities, emergency line 24 hours through video chat, personal trainer, nutrition programme, medial assessment, home blood tests, and pharmacy module included,   Premium 20€ for individual policies and 40€ for two or more insured in the policy.

  • Family Assistance:

Qualified help for unforeseen events such as hospitalization or sickness at home: Providing support for basic housework, care of dependents, home delivery of medicines, etc. 2€ per person / month.

  • Pharmacy:

50% refund medication bills. Up to € 200 a year for each insured 4€ per person / month.

  • USA Cover.

Access to key professionals and hospitals in the US, through United Healthcare, covering 100% of medical expenses, with a limit of 30.000€ : 1.5€ per person / month.

  • For optical cover:

The coverage of this supplement includes reimbursement 50% for: ► prescription contact lenses ► Graduated lenses; the waiting period for this is 6 months, before you can claim. You go to any optician in town and pay for the invoice then claim the reimbursement. 5.50€/month

  • Extra dental cover:

Its 13.40€ per person / monthly, not possible to be individually contracted, is 40- 50 services   included and 40-50% discounts with respect to the market price.

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