BUPA Transfers

BUPA policies older than a year can be transfered to Sanitas , we respect antiquity, existing policy conditions will be assessed and applied to your new Sanitas policy during the application process.

Frequent Questions & Answers

1. What documentation we need for your BUPA Transfer?

You need to contact your BUPA representative and request the Interfund transfer form. You can also email membershipadmin@bupa.com for transfer from BUPA UK and for Bupa International intlfocusdesk@bupa-intl.com

2. How long does it take for the transfer to be completed ?

As soon as the application is received and all complete takes max 7 days for us to process,

3. Are the exclusions to my BUPA policy applied?

If you have an exclusion to your BUPA policy these will be applied to the Sanitas cover as well.

4. Can additional members be included when transferring?

Yes, only that the new members will have applied the waiting periods corresponding to the cover if they do not have a BUPA cover.

5. I am already undergoing treatment with BUPA; will this be cancelled if I transfer?

No, your cover will continue, and so will your treatment.

6. If I am pregnant, will I be covered in Sanitas for this?

Yes, if your BUPA policy covers this so as Sanitas.

7. If policy is expired; can I still transfer to Sanitas?

No, the policies have to have no lapse in cover.

8. Is my documentation going to be sent outside Spain?

The policy documentation are available on-line, the cards will be sent to the Spanish address you advise when doing the application.

9. Will you cancel the cover with BUPA?

We do not cancel the cover, as soon as we send you the contract receipt with Sanitas you need to contact BUPA and request the cancellation.

10. If I go back to my country of origin what happens then?

Same process as transferring to Sanitas, you can reverse this back to BUPA.