Sanitas Small Bussiness – Pro-Pymes Inicia

With Sanitas Pymes Digital you look after your company by looking after your employees. By having healthcare insurance, your employee feels more protected, motivated and committed, which helps the smooth general operation of your company. This is a comprehensive healthcare and medical assistance product, with access to all specialities, hospitalisation and exclusive services designed to offer maximum convenience.

Reduced employee absenteeism: new services to provide healthcare preventing journeys and absences.

Digital Doctor, personalised prevention programmes, delivery of medicines, etc. Improved competitiveness and productivity: employees with better health and therefore greater availability and capacity to work.

In addition, they will have shorter waiting lists that will allow them to reduce convalescence periods.

Loyalty: greater commitment from staff and retention of key and strategic staff for your company. Better relationship with employees: improves the working environment and strengthens the relationship between the company and employees. Better company image: a company that looks after its employees is highly rated, with the benefits that this entails.


  • Tax exempt: for employees, the first €500 per family member is tax exempt.
  • Balance: between employees’ working life and family life.
  • Sanitas Pymes Digital also includes exclusive services aimed at offering your employees maximum convenience in their healthcare, providing quick solutions to their medical needs and preventing unnecessary journeys from the workplace.