Sanitas Small Bussiness – Pro-Pymes Inicia


For a very low price, Sanitas Small Business Pro-Pymes Inicia will give you access to the following:

  • All the doctors and specialists in the Sanitas network.
  • All the consultations, diagnostic tests and therapies that you need.
  • All the surgical procedures that do not require a hospital stay.
  • And if you require them you will receive very beneficial conditions.

If you decide to undergo a surgical operation that requires a stay in hospital, with Sanitas, you will only pay part of the cost of the surgery: Sanitas will pay the rest. The amount you pay towards the cost of this service is divided into three levels, depending upon the difficulty of the surgery required and the associated cost.

  • Level 1: A contribution of €1000 (groups 2,3,4 according to the WTO) and hospitalisation without surgery.
  • Level 2: A contribution of €2000 (groups 5 and 6 according to the WTO); caesarean and giving birth.
  • Level 3: A contribution €3000 (groups 7 and 8 according to the WTO).

The best hospitals and Sanitas medical centres: with Sanitas Pro-pymes Inicia:

  • You have at your disposal 27,200 professional doctors and 517 Sanitas medical centres throughout Spain.
  • An ample network of national hospitals and centres ,exclusively for Sanitas clients, boasting the latest medical technology.
  • Hospital Sanitas la Moraleja, Hospital Sanitas la Zarzuela.
  • 14 Millennium multi specialist centres (3 new opening in 2011).
  • 54 dental centres and 17 new ones opening in 2011.