Maternity care in Spain

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September 10, 2012
If you do not have a social security number and not work in Spain the charge will be between 3000€ to 5000€.If you have a social security number but you don’t have work then the cost will be the same as above between 3000€ to 5000€.If you have a social security number and work then you will be fully covered.
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    • Emmie Constance Weston Is this true ? As it sounds ridiculous.
      Friday at 14:34 via Mobile ·  · 1
    • SanitaseXpat Yes just spoken to Costa del Sol Hospital for a client that I have pregnant in 18weeks trying to get a check up on her pregnancy and just arrived in Spain from the UK.
      Friday at 14:38 · 
    • SanitaseXpat They will give her attention but paying the bill…
      Friday at 14:39 · 
    • Megan Champ Em I wasn’t working when I had Luca and I didn’t pay that!
      Friday at 14:39 via Mobile · 
    • Megan Champ Unless it has all changed now?
      Friday at 14:39 via Mobile · 
    • SanitaseXpat Looks like is the new legislation. had another client which has been charged 400€ for analyses and never had a report, when all she needed was to be administered an injection for her allergy which was in her wallet…
      Friday at 14:41 · 
    • Emmie Constance Weston So basically your talking about people that haven’t lived here for a long time then not people that have spent most of there lives here if your a resident this obviously doesn’t apply then.
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    • SanitaseXpat Same applies for a resident who hasn’t paid into the system for more than three months.
      Friday at 14:47 · 
    • Colleen Mayes But with the recent changes if on paro you are still entitled to public health care..So it’s if you are not working or paro has finished then you are not entitled to public health care – even if a resident..What you need to do is go to the local Inem and register and then you are entitled to still use the public health care
      Friday at 20:25 · 
    • SanitaseXpat Hi Colleen this is the info received from Costa del Sol Hospital today.
      Friday at 20:46 · 
    • Colleen Mayes ok thanks..Did they mention if on paro is ok? I’m due in 9 weeks…
      Friday at 20:51 · 
    • SanitaseXpat Yes on paro you should be covered, believe your pregnancy is already being followed by your SS asigned doctor? go and get information from them as I was stunned at the news today, I use the SS for my baby s vaccines as well and doing her check-ups there.
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    • Vicky Heron Adams I had my son here and i had no paro nor was working and never charged anything, was nearly 5years ago tho… x
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    • Helen Ogden i finished working end of sept last year & had baby early Jan & was covered & i´m still not working & still got cover for me & her!!! Hope it continues to be the case??x
      Friday at 23:28 · 
    • SanitaseXpat Hi Helen, are you getting “Paro” ? your child would have cover no matter if you work or not believe until 18 years of age under the system.
    • SanitaseXpat Enquiry form to see your rights to SS services in Spain.