Sanitas Health Plan Classic Conditions

Health Plan Classic -Policy

Health plan Classic insurance contract is annual, this annuity computed from the date of entry into the contract. At maturity, it will be automatically extended for successive periods of an annuity unless you specify otherwise, this has to be notified one month prior to renewal by the policy holder. 

Waiting Times
All Vital Emergencies (death within 24h)

Outpatient Surgery

High Technology Diagnostic Tests (MRI. PET-TAC)

Other Therapeutic Methods (Chemotherapy etc)


Birth or C section

Sterilisation or vasectomy

Hospitalisation with Surgery


3 months

6 months

10 months

6 months

8 months

10 months

10 months

Age Limits:

The standard contractual age is up to 75 years.  From 76 years of age a one-off surcharge will be made when initially contracting the Health Plan Classic.  There is no upper age limit for maintaining your health cover, once contracted.

Dental Cover:

Dental cover can be contracted as a supplement to this policy for 10,70€ per insured per month.

Discounts in Health Plan Classic:
Annual payments:

Bi annual payments:

4% discount

2% discount

Co-payments-Excess charges

Co-payments are an additional payment made by you for each individual test/ treatment or visit, which allow Sanitas to keep our premiums as low as possible:

Home emergencies:

Hospital emergencies:

Sanitas 24 hours:




Intraocular monofocal lens:

All other services:










*Prices vary depending on age, gender and location. Terms and conditions apply.

Annual Renewals- Health Plan Classic

At each annual renewal of the Sanitas policy may modify the premium applicable to the following annuity, according to technical actuarial calculations based on the health and IPC, the frequency in the use of guaranteed benefits including medical and technological innovations or new insured coverage.

The premium applicable to the following annuity will be notified in writing by the policy holder Sanitas with at least two months prior to the renewal date.

Premiums payable by the policyholder, will vary depending on the age reached by each of the insured, the place of supply of services in the geographical area, at the rates set by Sanitas on the renewal date of each policy.